Training, elevated

Scale your best experts. Save time and money.

Scale your experts so key messages are clear, consistent, and timely. Real-time interaction allows you to adapt your content based on questions and feedback from the audience. Improve learning outcomes and cut travel costs with Brandlive for training.

Watch the video to see how GoPro uses Brandlive to train thousands of retail partners around the world.

Traditional training methods are failing

  • 30%

    of associates deliver messaging as brands intend

  • 38%

    of companies train regularly

  • 22%

    of associates maintain adequate product knowledge

Energize your company meetings with live video

  • Town halls

    Town halls

    Align global teams and ensure important messages are crystal clear and consistent across all departments and regions.

  • Departmental meetings

    Departmental meetings

    Eliminate the travel expenses for quarterly sales updates and regional team meetings.

  • Training events

    Training events

    Retailers and distributors sell more when they learn directly from product experts and designers.

Case Study: Ace Hardware

Expert Tips to Boost Sales

Ace Hardware used Brandlive to train buyers and increase their stores’ Cabot sales. Cabot experts went live to discuss their tips and project recommendations to inspire customers.

"This is fantastic. Keep doing these, keep listening, keep asking. It is incredibly appreciated to be heard. We are a co-op and like to feel like it."
Kurt M.
Ace Hardware Franchisee

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