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Activate your digital audiences, showcase products, and drive revenue

Video and eCommerce are a powerful combination. The world's best brands have discovered the advantage of going live. The benefits are clear: live video is more engaging, faster to produce, and drives more sales than recorded video.

Watch the video to see how NOVA uses Brandlive to transform communication with its retail partners.

Why you need to add live video to your eCommerce strategy:

  • 90%

    of viewers say video is helpful in decision process

  • 80%

    of viewers are more likely to purchase with video

  • 57%

    of viewers are more confident in purchases

Connect experts, influencers, and customers

  • Product demos

    Product demos

    Nothing sells an audience better than a live demo that showcases a great product in action.

  • How-to-lessons


    Adding educational value to your live video events are a terrific way to activate your followers and build brand loyalty.

  • Flash sales

    Flash sales

    Maximize customer engagement by combining deep discounts, scarce inventory, limited time, and expert-led live video product demos.

Case Study: Walmart

Live on Cyber Monday

Kicking off the 2016 holiday season, Walmart broadcast one of the longest live video eCommerce events in history with a four-hour stream of toys, tech and everything in between.

"Brandlive’s turnkey platform got us up and running quickly in the live-streaming space. Our specific eCommerce focus demands flexibility to support both episodic and larger seasonal shows, and Brandlive has been a strategic part of our ability to innovate with different formats. To date, our live events have reached new audiences and allowed some of the world's largest brands to demonstrate, discuss and naturally sell products directly on their own sites, and we’re excited to adopt new platform features as they become available."
Peter Bavaro
Vice President, Video Advertising and Integration

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