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Bring your products to life from concept to commerce

Don't rely on multiple communication handoffs and uninspiring content to bring products to market. Scale your product experts and influencers so their passion can inspire audiences throughout the go-to-market process.

One platform to engage every audience

  • Inspire employees

    Engage employees

    From town halls to department meetings, ensure your internal communications are clear, engaging, and timely.

  • >Update sales reps

    Update sales reps

    Educate remote sales reps prior to sell-in. Equip them with key messaging and critical documents while highlighting major product line changes.

  • Motivate distributors

    Motivate distributors

    Efficiently communicate with channel partners, promote incentive programs to increase market share, and improve your leverage with distributors.

  • Train retail associates

    Train retail associates

    Connect your best product experts to retail associates and maximize sell-through. Deliver critical sales and merchandising information prior to product rollout.

  • Sell to consumers

    Sell to consumers

    Activate shoppers with online product launches, flash sales, and seasonal promotions. Add an authentic human element to eCommerce.

  • Activate followers

    Activate social media

    Leverage your endorsers and influencers to activate followers on social media and drive traffic to your owned digital properties.

Case Study: GoPro

How GoPro uses Brandlive through the go-to-market process

  • Engage employees

    Employees were challenged to "capture the elements" with GoPro cameras.

  • Update sales reps

    Sales reps attended a live demonstration on proper merchandising and security.

  • Motivate distributors

    Distributors joined a live Q&A to review a new product lineup and feature updates.

  • Train retail associates

    Retail associates received training directly from GoPro’s Training and Product experts.

  • Sell to consumers

    REI and GoPro teamed up to give consumers a closer look at the latest GoPro products.

  • Activate social media followers

    GoPro sponsored athletes went live to social media followers on Brandlive and Facebook.

"GoPro is constantly pushing technology innovation boundaries to enhance a customer’s experience. We needed a first-of-its kind interactive platform to help retailers worldwide experience and share-first hand product knowledge with their customer. Our products connect people together and Brandlive helps us to communicate that vision in a simple and cost-effective manner to lots of enthusiasts."
Nick Stagge
Senior Global Training Manager

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