Product Merchandising

Release Date: October 5, 2016

Product Tab Functionality

  • Global Products - Products are global, meaning that now you can assign a product to appear on more than one event page.
  • Custom Fields - Products can have custom fields added to them, such as Quantity, Size, Color, or anything that applies to your product.
  • Convenience - To assign a product to an event, there is now a "show products" toggle on the add & edit event screens. If that is toggled on, you will see your list of available products where you can drag & drop to show on the event.
  • Product Layout - You can choose how you want the products displayed on the event page. In addition to the classic Tabbed view (default), there are two new options, Grid, and Featured Grid.
  • Product Moderation - If the Featured Grid layout is selected, products will be visible from the moderator screen, where a moderator can push the product to the event in real time.