How to Use Brandlive


1. Create your event

To start things off, log into your account to begin setting up your event.

The header, background, slides, and description fields are fully customizable and you can change it for each event. Upload your copy and images and you can be up and running in a few minutes. If you want additional support or advice, look for the Support link in the upper left corner of your dashboard or contact us. We also offer comprehensive support packages.

2. Promote your page

Once you’ve built your page, you are ready to promote your Brandlive URL. You can leverage your current marketing campaigns to reach out to your audience by using social media, email campaigns, and advertising. You can also use your URL to create calls to action on your website.

If someone registers for your upcoming event, they’ll get a confirmation and you can gauge the audience size before the event.

3. Produce the video

At this point, you’ve got everything set up, you’ve started to promote your page, people are starting to pre-register and you are building an audience base.

Producing live video is easier than you think. We offer a Brandlive Plug and Play option that only requires a laptop and web camera. You can broadcast video right from your browser with no download. For advanced video production, we offer the Brandlive Advanced Studio which allows for live video editing and splicing together multiple cameras, recorded video and screenshots. 

Moderating comments and questions can be done from any location for any size audience. Your moderators can approve, delete and reply to comments and questions. The advanced moderation dashboards allow your moderator to filter and organize the conversation.

Post event interaction

If someone asks a question after the live session has finished, you have the option of setting up an email notification when someone posts to your archived event page. This allows you to continue the conversation and further drive sales.

Every time you create a Brandlive event, you create:

  • Recorded Video
  • User generated feedback and reviews
  • E-commerce product content

Your videos are archived for as long as your account is active, so you can continue to get ROI from past events. The pages are SEO friendly as well - with a combination of video content, product details, and brand information, your Brandlive pages will be indexed and found when people search for your products.

Putting these 3 pieces together - page setup, promotion, and content creation - gives you a well developed brand page that will not only bring value during your live event, but will continuously provide value for your marketing efforts.