Recommended RTMP Encoder Settings for Wirecast

The following encoder settings are the recommended starting point for streaming with Wirecast 6 and 7. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust the bitrate settings depending on the speed of your internet.

  • Go to Output -> Output Settings.
  • Select Destination: RTMP Server, then click OK.
  • Under the Encoding drop-down, use Default: 720p30 (2Mbps) x264 H.264
  • Click the gear icon to the right of the Encoding drop-down, and click View Details. In the window that opens, make sure the settings are as follows:

Video Encoding
  • Encoder: x264
  • Width: 1280
  • Height: 720
  • Frames per second: 30
  • Average bit rate: 2250
  • Quality: 3 - (Very Fast encoding) Default
  • Profile: Main
  • Key frame every: 60 frames
  • Time code every: leave this blank

Audio Encoding
  • Channels: Stereo
  • Target bit rate: 128 kbits/sec
  • Sample rate: 44.100 kHz

Compare your settings to this screenshot and make sure everything matches:

Once you've got the settings correct, click the Save As button at the bottom. Give this new preset a name, such as Recommended Encoder Settings. Click OK, and this new preset will be added at the top of the Encoder drop-down list. You can now select this preset for your default broadcast profile.