Embed Options

Brandlive events can be easily embedded into your own website.

Content Options

Full Event

<iframe src="//yourdomain.brand.live/c/my-embedded-event" height="800" width="100%"></iframe>
Remove the header area from the full event by appending the query string ?header=false to the iframe src URL.

Comments Only

<iframe src="//yourdomain.brand.live/stream/my-embedded-event" height="800" width="100%"></iframe>

Live Video Only

<iframe src="//www.ustream.tv/embed/channel-id" width="100%"></iframe>

Recorded Video Only

<iframe src="//www.ustream.tv/recorded/video-id" width="100%"></iframe>
For all embed options, replace the highlighted code with your own information.
For all embed options, replace the yourdomain or my-embedded-event or channel-id or video-id from the examples above with your actual event information

Embedding Tips

Scrollbars: Brandlive events take up a lot of vertical space, which will often result in a vertical scrollbar on your site. This can be turned off by adding the scrolling=no attribute to the iframe tag. If scrolling is turned off, we recommend setting the height attribute to a minimum of 1500 pixels. Developers can hide the internal scrollbar by wrapping the iframe in a <div style="overflow:hidden;"> that is the same height as the iframe but just wide enough so that the scrollbar portion of the iframe is hidden.
Responsive: Brandlive events are fully responsive, so the width attributes of the iframe tag can be set to what works best for your website. Brandlive events will fold into a mobile layout with iframes less than 700 pixels wide.
Frame Style: Because the iframe lives on your website, anything outside the frame including the frame border is controlled by your website CSS. Anything inside the iframe is controlled by the Brandlive Theme you have created for the event.