Broadcasting Checklist


The checklist below is a collection of general best practices for live video production. For a more in-depth guide to advanced Brandlive production recommendations, click here to check out our Production Playbook. This comprehensive document covers best practices for pre-production, setup, rehearsal, going live, and more.

  1. For best performance and reliability, restart your browser before you start the broadcast.
  2. Close all other applications on your computer, especially chat applications like Skype.
  3. Never play the video (with audio) in the same room your are broadcasting from to avoid feedback.
  4. Remember to change your computer sleep settings so it does not go to sleep during your broadcast.
  5. Always start the broadcast 3-5 min before your event time.
  6. Camera angle: try not to have too much space above your head, point the camera down.
  7. If it is convenient, use an Ethernet cable for a stronger and more stable internet connection. If not, WiFi works for quick Brandlive sessions.
  8. When answering questions, respond to the person by name and repeat their question. It helps building a personal connection!
  9. When your Brandlive session starts, post a comment or ask a question to entice your viewers to interact, then respond.
  10. Be sure to answer your viewers questions or address it and come back to it during Q&A.
  11. Stand rather than sit. Moving around makes it more interactive!