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Your Brandlive Launches First Live Video Social Commerce Platform to Create Flash Sales for Leading Online Retailers

Portland Seed Fund alum’s customers include Ball® Home Canning Products, Marmot®,, LEVI’S® and Nordica

Portland, OR—February 4th, 2013—Your Brandlive today formally announced the launch of the first live video social commerce platform to create flash sales to drive additional revenue for leading online retailers and help solve their number one marketing communications challenge—to develop direct personal relationships and engagement with online consumers.  The Portland Seed Fund alum recently closed a $200,000 thousand dollar note round and is seeking to raise 1.5 million in a Series A round to help lead the evolution of online flash sales to a virtual storefront for 24x7 live digital retail.

Social commerce is redefining how retailers interact with their online consumers to accommodate lots of shoppers coming together at the same time to make a purchase decision.   The Your Brandlive platform helps to solve the biggest obstacle for online shoppers—being unable to ask questions.  

Your Brandlive combines live video with customer questions and comments to create a custom brand retail store experience.  One or two online sales people can interact with hundreds of customers at once and thousands within a short time period. Consumers can simply click on a web link to access a retailer branded web page to participate in the live event.  It’s easy for them to ask questions, chat and even tweet and purchase products.  

The platform is the first to build e-commerce capabilities within the software.  The user interface provides live video and chat and Point-of-Sale to easily engage customers and close sales.  Retailers even continue to generate revenue following the actual sale by posting video of the recorded and archived events.    

Your Brandlive is providing retailers such as Foodsaver® with the turnkey ability to conduct first-ever live flash sales on their Facebook page.  During a recent event, Foodsaver was taking customer questions, demonstrating their product features and benefits, and closing sales on the web page using only a webcam and a laptop.

“We’re very excited about being the only company to enable live flash sales for leading online retailers and are focused on the next evolution of social commerce, 24x7 Your Brandlive digital retail,” said Fritz Brumder, CEO, Your Brandlive.  “The decision to open a Your Brandlive online store versus the costs associated with a new brick and mortar location presents huge benefits for large major brands.”

Marmot® Discovers New Method to Create Co-Op Marketing Campaigns Using Your Brandlive Online Video Platform
Partners with retailers to provide amazingly rich interactive consumer experience

Marmot is a globally distributed brand of high-performance clothing and equipment worn by climbers, skiers, mountaineers and adventurers worldwide. Marketing Manager Andy Meyer is always seeking new options to engage consumers with the key retailers that carry Marmot inventory.  He says the Your Brandlive online video platform is a very different and new way to use live video that provides a turnkey marketing event for retailers interested to participate in co-op marketing events.

“Video has always been really important to Marmot and our retailers,” said Andy. “Your Brandlive provided the opportunity to help our large customers leverage their co-op marketing programs to present a really amazing and rich interactive brand experience. We didn’t really see anything like it in the market and realized that it was a new and interesting way to engage folks.”

Andy and his team are focused to create co-op marketing programs with channel retailers to help position them as marquis distributors and also enhance the Marmot brand.  Their marketing campaigns include a strategic mix of traditional advertising, product seeding programs and online promotions.  The company also produces a series of in-house videos for retailers’ websites.  

Marmot discovered Your Brandlive following very successful product campaigns on behalf of some Jarden Corporation sister companies such as Foodsaver® and Crock-Pot®.  Andy says based on the positive feedback with the platform, they decided to conduct a pilot event with their biggest retailer. The objectives were to determine the level of consumer engagement and sales volume and whether or not people would replay a recorded video of the live event. “The engagement was excellent, with lots of people interacting and asking questions,” he said.  “The retailer also responded very positively.”  

By the end of 2012, Marmot had conducted two more major events throughout the fall with key customers plus a few internal training sessions.  For a large customer located in the Southern U.S., the event helped drive website traffic during a Marmot promotional sale and also introduced the retailer to consumers who may have been unfamiliar with them.  Participants even watched the recorded session for several days afterwards.  

Marmot is hoping to conduct more Your Brandlive events with their biggest retailers in 2013.  “Several customers have actually watched our events and are interested for their web campaigns,” said Andy.  “Fritz and his team have done an exceptional job to create a package that we can literally just turn over to retailers.  Our customers understand the huge value of having all of the leg work done for them.”
To learn more about Jarden Corporation and Marmot®, please visit
Jarden Home Brands, Makers of Ball® Home Canning Products  , Deploy Brandlive Online Video Platform to Help Solve #1 Marketing Communications Challenge
First- ever-live events help industry leader develop direct personal relationship with consumers and lower costs by two thirds

The Jarden Home Brands team focused on Fresh Preserving and Home Canning has discovered that the Brandlive online video platform helps solve their number one marketing communications challenge—to create a far more direct and personal relationship with consumers and prospects versus other previous marketing tactics.  Their live events in 2012 to promote sales and marketing campaigns have been so successful that they plan to double the number to 10 in 2013.  

 “We are focused on continuing to use the Brandlive platform as a tool to help drive awareness and product education, which is a huge opportunity for us,” said Steve Hungsberg, Senior Brand Manager, Fresh Preserving  “Without fail after every single event, people are gushing with enthusiasm and appreciation that we have taken the time to personally reach out to them.”

Chris Carlisle, Senior Director of Marketing, Jarden Home Brands, says their research showed that first person word-of-mouth (WOM) demonstrated the highest recall and purchase influence of all communication tactics and was key in the strategy to help freshen their canning brand and launch new technology products.  “We needed an efficient way to reach out to a large number of folks multiple times per year using our own passionate brand advocates,” he said.  “Our more traditional marketing methods were either cost prohibitive at scale or lacked the personalization and authenticity necessary to create trust.  Brandlive provides a scalable platform to help personalize our brand, show demos so consumers can easily understand the value of our new products, and ultimately convert to purchase as a result.”

The team learned of Brandlive during a corporate marketing meeting and decided to engage in a pilot test.  By the end of 2012, Fresh Preserving had conducted a total of 5 Brandlive events.  “We used the platform to promote new products, for a national promotion, during the fall harvest season, on Cyber Monday, and even for an internal town hall meeting,” noted Steve.  

Chris says the sales and marketing options used prior to Brandlive have ranged from in-store product demos and Web/Social Media campaigns to Direct Response TV.  This year’s national Can-it-Forward promotion demonstrated even more of the value of the Brandlive platform.   “The national streaming event using Brandlive versus another provider the previous year was just as successful with fewer technical issues and cut our production costs by roughly two thirds,” said Chris.  “In general, I was very pleased.”

For 2013, Steve plans to repeat the 2012 events, plus additional canning education campaigns and internal town meetings.  “The fact that our customers are asking us to do more live events is just thumbs up in favor of the Brandlive platform.”

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