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Lessons from the 65%: Why Visuals Matter

When you first introduce someone to live video for business purposes, they immediately think it’s a great way to run a webinar. But when you challenge them to think beyond the one-way online meetings of the past, they quickly realize the possibilities of live online interaction are limitless.

This moment of realization is what fires us up at Brandlive. We aren’t giving brands a voice, or a new audience; we’re giving them a new platform to communicate with their followers in ways they never thought possible unless they were in person.

Are you a visual learner? I am, and proud of it too. Call me a product of the TV generation if you want, but let’s face it, content is much more powerful when it’s visually demonstrated. I’ve sat through enough webinars with slide decks and queues for Q&A to know that I will never absorb meaningful information from that medium.

I’m not alone in this. 65% of the American public are visual learners (Mindtools, 1998). This means 65% of your customers, 65% of your channel partners, are getting nothing valuable from your conference calls and slide presentations. These people need to see your product in action. They need to see you pitching it. If they don’t, they won’t be engaged, and they won’t convert. This is why most people research a product online, but don’t purchase it until they’ve seen it in person.

It’s inevitable. Whenever I speak with a new client, the question always comes up – What makes you different from a webinar? It’s a logical question. Most businesses have known webinars as the only semi-interactive collaboration tool for years. Live Product Communication is a completely foreign topic to most clients. When companies are so used to traditional forms of marketing, they find it difficult to imagine adding live video into their arsenal. Once that moment of realization hits, though, watch out. Brands are beginning to realize that they can have their own live video network online, and communicate with their customers in an entirely new way.

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