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Why Video Makes People Click

Content marketing has become the concept placed on a pedestal in the marketing industry, and a lot of the increase in resources and focus has been placed around video. Video and visual content plays a huge role in the evolution of content marketing on e-commerce sites. There are two big reasons for this:

  • Consumers are increasingly influenced by video and brand connections.
  • Marketers need more authentic, user-driven product feedback.

Research shows that only 36% of marketers believe they're being effective with content marketing, and less than half feel they're producing engaging content.

1/2of all online consumers are more confident about their purchase decisions after viewing a product video.
2/3of consumers who watch product videos multiple times ultimately buy the product.
174%Quality videos have shown to increase cart size 174%.

Source: Invodo.

What makes video so powerful?

As with imagery and infographics, visual content is the most sharable because it is simply and quickly understandable and relatable. Visual content is the most shared type of content on social networks, and videos are the most powerful way to get viral attention.
Emotional connection.
Products are made to be used. Visual product demonstrations are so powerful because they show how consumers can use these products in their own daily lives. Well-made product videos are relatable – they are human, and good storytelling strategies build emotional bonds and show how products can be used in a realistic way.
Using video lets a brand’s personality – and the emotion of their story – be clearly communicated. The more your content is interactive, personalized, and engaging – the more time a consumer will spend engaged in the experience. Video is a medium that captures your visual storytelling through use of vivid imagery and a compelling story.

As information overload and fast paced content overwhelms consumers, marketers are seeking a more human approach to gathering insights by going directly to the source and asking people what they think of products and services. Analytics provide valuable information for numbers – but talking directly to the consumer to shape their image and product offerings. 

Consumers want a way to interact with their favorite brands in the real world. Video provides a personal, human way to communicate.

As content marketing initiatives expand and move to visual content, marketing will help people think visually. Video is much easier to digest than a long form article, and visual representations of knowledge can present complex or lengthy information to be more easily consumed.

64%Website visitors are 64% more likely to purchase on an e-commerce site after watching a video.

Source: Quicksprout.

Key video marketing trends:

  • Selling through social channels will become the norm.
  • Video and image based applications are making the creation and dissemination of videos easier than ever.
  • Passion based experience – “Users will begin to seek out passion-based content and social networks”.

Social + Video

As the success of Vine and Instagram’s introduction of video has shown, the concept of “visual sharing” is rising with popularity rapidly. The use of video has become the format of choice for people to share moments and a standard method for brands to engage with consumers.

Consumers want personalization and attention – they want to feel that brands that they shop with are responsive to their opinions, transparent, and communicative. Making video live does just that – it takes the benefits of a visual medium and makes it a human-to-human experience.

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