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Video Marketers, You Can Ignore the 3-Minute Rule

There’s a growing number of video storytelling articles in marketing publications, and it’s no wonder. Videos increase people’s understanding of products and services by 74%, and online shoppers who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy (see infographic). Marketers want to leverage the power of videos.

Many articles suggest that brands keep their videos under three minutes in length, citing short attention spans. However, those who strictly adhere to this advice are missing an opportunity.

Sure, the three-minute rule should apply to humorous videos. If a customer is watching your video for a quick laugh, then the shorter the better. But when you’re sharing useful content, and your customers are hungry for it, 180 seconds may not be enough time.

Live interactive videos, in particular, drive longer engagement times. Brands producing live interactive videos have discovered that customers will tune in for 20 minutes or more, for good reason (see infographic).

Live interactive videos keep people engaged for much longer than three minutes.

The interactive nature means customers can ask questions during live video events and get answers fast. GoPro gives their customers helpful tips straight from the professional athletes who use their products, with videos hosted by surfers and other adventure-seekers. Pottery Barn puts top design experts on camera, so online customers can get decorating tips for holidays and other special occasions. The ability to interact with the experts on video boosts view times.

You can’t beat good content.

Customers are happy to watch longer videos that help them solve problems or learn more about something they are interested in. Ball Canning is great at this. In their Brandlive videos, they share recipes and show consumers how to can and preserve food. With more people wanting to grow food at home, these videos fulfill a need by helping customers achieve their goals — preserving their own fresh food.

Longer videos can increase conversion rates.

The longer video strategy works. Many companies producing Brandlive videos realize an average conversion rate of 11% with their videos, compared to the average US eCommerce website conversion rate of 2.67% as of 2013.

Three-minute philosophy videos, funny commercials and product teasers still have their place, but they can be more effective when complemented by deeper engagement with long-form videos.

Video strategy can evolve to include live interactive video events that bridge the gap between physical products and digital audiences for product training, marketing and eCommerce. It’s time to break free from the three-minute rule.

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