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Brandlive Launches All-New Video Learning Platform

Selecting and managing a Learning Management System (LMS) can be a complicated, time-consuming process for companies. There are thousands of options available, most are costly and need exhaustive maintenance, and many companies end up requiring in-house LMS experts to make sense of extensive features that mostly go unused.

Combine that with the fact that most employees are wanting modern, agile, and personalized learning experiences, and you have an LMS market that is very much in flux.

Recognizing the need for something new, we have worked closely with key customers to create a simple, easy solution: the Brandlive Video Learning Platform.

Everything you need for training

Our Video Learning Platform is easy for brands to use and navigate and gives employees what they want: a simple, painless learning experience. Using the Video Learning Platform, brands can easily create on-demand courses with built-in interaction, utilizing quizzes and polls to make sure the content is resonating with audiences.

The Video Learning Platform captures the most important features of today’s LMSs, without upcharging for the ones that most companies don’t want. The result is a high-level learning program used by brands to educate employees and retail partners on their products, services and policies - all through the use of engaging, interactive video.

How it works

Brands use the Video Learning Platform to create courses, which contain individual lessons, quizzes and incentives. A lesson consists of a pre-recorded video and related quiz questions, and can offer incentives to employees once they pass. Courses can be completed from a web browser or from the free Brandlive mobile app.

The Video Learning Platform is integrated into the Brandlive platform for easy course and lesson creation, and offer metrics to track the progress of cohorts and individuals. It is modern, mobile, and customer-engineered to hit the sweet spot for a video-first learning platform.

Learn more!

Interested in finding out more? Head over to our website for more information, or email us at
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