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New Evidence to Support the Value of Creating Original Digital Video Content

Innovative, unique, new and exciting…as a marketer, you probably want consumers to associate these adjectives with your brand and products.  Creating original digital video content is an effective method for quickly communicating the best of what you have to offer.

One efficient way to create original digital video is to produce live video events (using a platform such as Brandlive) and record them. The captured video footage can then be repurposed across your website, YouTube and other outlets that fit with your objectives. This approach is generally easier and less expensive to produce than slick pre-recorded video packages that require extensive pre-planning, 3rd party talent and post-production work.

As a testament to the benefits of creating original digital video, consider the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s 2015 Original Digital Video Consumer Study, full of statistics about what consumers are watching, how they’re watching it, how this varies by demographic and more.

Here are some key takeaways from a marketing standpoint:

Original digital video is perceived as more innovative, unique, up and coming, new, exciting and mobile compared to regular TV, and this image gap between the two is widening year over year. Consumers also associate original digital video with the word “leaders”—a big deal if you’re trying to establish your brand as a thought leader.

The flexibility and social nature of original digital video is a differentiator. People are sharing and learning about videos through social sites, search and word of mouth.

The average consumer is almost as likely to watch original digital video as primetime TV. And the sought after cord-cutters in the 18-34 age group? They are actually more likely to watch original digital video than primetime. Sorry, Celebrity Apprentice.

For brands, this is an opportunity. TV is not king anymore—content is, and that content is being shared and consumed through digital video. People are connecting online and looking for new, unique and accessible content.

Smart brands are taking the lead with live online video streaming events that are archived to create original video content that can be repurposed. With the Brandlive platform, viewers of the archived video can still ask questions of the presenting brand (they just aren’t answered in real-time after the event is over) and can also still interact with the product content associated with the event.

For Crock-Pot, this means 13,794 clicks on their Enter Now/Buy Now button and 1,068 customer comments from one Brandlive video event.

For New Balance, this means a live product launch amplified by consumer tweets and streaming video across the country.

If you love charts and stats, check out the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s full 52-page study here.

What could live video streaming mean for your brand?

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