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Twitter + Brandlive, Part 2: Invite eCommerce to Your Twitter Party

Social marketing managers looking to interact with brand fans may find that Twitter chats (aka parties) fall flat and do little to promote products or direct sales. A Twitter party is text-based, and the platform wasn’t designed for real-time gatherings or social shopping. However, if you saw our recent blog post about how GoPro added live video to their Twitter chat, then you know a Twitter party can become a media-rich marketing and sales tool with some clever additions available through the Brandlive platform.

GoPro’s event proved just how effective Twitter parties can be for eCommerce sales. They used the Brandlive platform to integrate not only live video, but also product images, descriptions, and click-to-buy buttons, which increased sales and offered value for fans.

In addition to adding live video as discussed in the previous post, Brandlive’s Product Module allowed GoPro to put product detail tabs (including “Buy Now” buttons) below the live video window and to the left of the Tweet stream generated by chat attendees.

With Brandlive, GoPro turned their Twitter Chat into a dynamic eCommerce event featuring multiple media types and opportunities for fans to learn about and purchase GoPro’s featured products. Having product descriptions, photos, pricing and click-to-buy links available along with the live video made it a highly effective eCommerce event.

Twitter may not have been designed for rich media and eCommerce interaction, but together with the Brandlive platform, your brand's Twitter chats/parties can become interactive video + eCommerce events that represent the best of Twitter, streaming video and eCommerce experiences and provide an immediate ROI.

What do you think about this new development in social interaction?

See how GoPro amped up their Twitter party with Brandlive, including live video and eCommerce >>>

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