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Tips on Creating a Great Set

Making use of a few simple techniques can drastically improve the quality of your videos. As Ashley demonstrates in the video below, there are several points to focus on that will deliver a huge boost in quality with minimal adjustment.


It’s important to have plenty of light, as settings that may seem sufficiently bright are darker when filmed on video. Mainly, the light should be ambient and not coming from any one direction – especially from behind the focal point. Shooting in front of a window can make the video appear washed out. Additionally, be mindful of anything casting a shadow, as this can be distracting.


Make sure the frame includes enough of the person without appearing too distant. Being to close can make the person look like a floating head – so make sure their torso is included in the shot. Also, keep in mind the most flattering angle for those on camera. As we are now well versed in from the MySpace era, generally speaking shots of people taken above are more complimentary views than shots from lower angles.


Curate what the viewer is seeing behind and around you – carelessly leaving things strewn about can be distracting and detract from what the presenter is trying to say! Be sure to look at what the video’s frame is capturing in advance and adjust things accordingly – while it may not seem like something in the corner of the frame will matter, you may find it annoyingly obtrusive in retrospect. The easiest way to make sure that your background is free of distractions is to shoot with a white wall as a background - this gives an added benefit of being easy to light properly.

Other subtle changes in our before and after that enhance the video:

•    The lapel mic is more visible in the before scene – tucking it in will help avoid reminding the viewer that they are watching a video.

•    Hair and makeup are not to be forgotten – Ashley’s hair was fixed in the after scene.

•    The before scene contains a significant amount of white noise from the A/C running in the background – unless you are specifically shooting a video that contains noticeable background noise, consider in advance the sounds in your surroundings.

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