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Throw Epic Twitter Parties with Brandlive’s Live Video Streaming and Twitter Listener

NOTE: A follow-up to this post, focused on the product merchandising and ecommerce capabilities, was published here.

Ever wish you could breathe life into your brand’s Twitter parties? Or maybe you haven’t even considered hosting a Twitter party because the text-based nature lacks a personal touch.

With Brandlive’s Twitter Listener, you can turn a Twitter party into an effective marketing tool featuring live interactive video. GoPro pioneered it (details below), and now any brand can do it.

What is a Twitter Party?

A Twitter party centers on a hashtag stream. You pick a time, pick your hashtag and share it with your fans. During the party you open up a conversation, and anyone can join in with their questions and comments using the hashtag. Brands throw Twitter parties to engage with customers and build word-of-mouth marketing by getting many tweets in a short time period.

What are Twitter Parties Missing?

While Twitter parties allow brands to start conversations with customers, the interaction is limited to text and images, restricting the full potential for brand engagement. The Twitter platform wasn’t designed to host dynamic virtual events for brand fans. It lacks the live human element and flow of real gatherings.

Brandlive Interactive Video + Twitter Listener = Epic Twitter Parties

GoPro and Brandlive solved this by combining Twitter with Brandlive video streaming to take their party up a notch. The party hosts, Pro surfers Anthony Walsh and Jamie O'Brien appeared live on camera in the Brandlive interface, integrated with the Twitter chat stream there. They answered questions on-camera, and viewers could see their authentic responses, facial expressions, and interaction with each other as the conversation unfolded.

With Brandlive’s new Twitter Listener feature, GoPro was able to keep the Twitter party going alongside the live video. Twitter Listener seamlessly brought tweets onto the branded live video landing page (which included product info and eCommerce links), so fans could continue to interact with Anthony and Jamie while viewing the live event.

Prompted by GoPro, party attendees used the hashtag to Tweet photos they had taken with their GoPro cameras. It was a brilliant way to showcase the brand with customer-created content.

This is a new kind of party. No dress code, no RSVP, no unwanted small talk. With Twitter + Brandlive video streaming, brand experts can connect with their Twitter followers more directly and personally, taking Twitter parties to a whole new level.

Check out the customer interaction from GoPro’s Twitter party to see for yourself >>>

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