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The Go Live Checklist

When it comes to putting on live events, the key is taking the right steps to make them look seamless.

To this end, we’ve compiled the 15 essential checklist items we live by when it comes to planning and producing successful LIVE events:

  1. Determine your purpose for going live.
  2. Identify your intended audience.
  3. Nail down the logistics.
  4. Build out your content.
  5. Create your Brandlive event page.
  6. Select your on-screen talent.
  7. Identify production staff and moderators.
  8. Pick a broadcast location.
  9. Ensure you have the right equipment.
  10. Nail down the production details.
  11. Create a Run of Show.
  12. Make an intentional plan for audience interaction.
  13. Define your promotion strategy.
  14. Plan and execute a rehearsal.
  15. Go LIVE!
Once the webcast is over, don’t forget to debrief with your team and dig into the metrics. How many people tuned in, and for how long? How interactive were the participants? Summarize all feedback, and plan future marketing communications based on the audience that tuned in.

Finally, make sure to post the recording on-demand, which you can continue to promote after the fact.


To download the checklist (complete with extended descriptions), click here.

To watch our on-demand webcast, in which our marketing team dug deeper into the most important checklist items, click here.
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