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Dive into Live Streaming Video Marketing

Note: This is Part 1 of a 2-part blog series about live video marketing featuring successful events that were streamed by Brandlive customers.

Going live with your first streaming video event can seem intimidating, but these brands have taken the leap and found success by being authentic and inviting real-time audience interaction. Check out their stories for tips on how you can get traction from your live video marketing program.

Build brand trust by sharing useful information

As a backpacking gear and apparel brand, Sierra Designs loves the outdoor lifestyle, and so do their customers. In their live interactive video event, Eating Right in the Backcountry, they showed consumers how to pack and cook for healthy eating when roughing it far from civilization.

Andrew Skurka — a Sierra Designs rep and professional backpacker who has completed the 7,778-mile Sea-to-Sea Route — hosted the program and took questions from the audience. This guy knows backpacking. Andrew shared some of his favorite recipes and offered advice on storage, quantities, calories and the best backpacking snacks.

With broadcasts like this, Sierra Designs continues to build rapport with customers and establish their brand as a thought leader.

Help customers make memories (and delicious food)

Zaycon Fresh brings farm-fresh food to their customers. In their Spatulas Ready? live streaming video event, they showed people how to grill the best burgers and make memories in the process.

From the family-recipe potato salad to everyone’s favorite grilled dish, people remember a great barbecue. Zaycon Fresh set out to help people create those special memories, and they did that by sharing top-notch recipes and tips.

They even invited Spiceologist CEO/Founder Pete Taylor to co-host and share his spice advice and anwered audience questions along with the Zaycon host.

Engage your customers with live product demos

Loon Outdoors streamed their Caddis fly event live from the shop in Eugene, Oregon. This environmentally-friendly fly fishing brand is not afraid to try new things and engage their customers live on video. They shared tricks, tips and new fly patterns, all while showcasing their products and answering audience questions in real-time.

A fly fishing novice might look at UV clear fly finish, fly tying powders, or UV mega lights and feel baffled and full of questions. Loon Outdoors put one of their brand experts on camera to show people how to use these products to create a fly. The camera zoomed in for captivating detail.

Using live video marketing, Loon Outdoors is able to share fly patterns with their long-time customers and help new enthusiasts join in by showing them exactly how fly fishing products are used. Any barrier to entry in the fly fishing world just disappeared.

Teach your fans a new skill

Ball Canning — maker of Ball brand canning jars and other food preservation products — is another brand removing barriers to entry. There was a time when a parent, grandparent or other relative might have shown you how to make homemade strawberry jam or preserve a crispy batch of pickles. Now you can learn by participating in a live video event with direct access to top experts who will share their knowledge and answer your questions.

In their Pickled Foods live streaming video event, Jarden Home Brands showed customers that there is more to pickling than cucumbers, and canning your first jar of pickles is probably easier than you think. Their fresh preserving chefs made pickled dilly beans and a Vietnamese carrot and daikon relish right on camera, offering step-by-step guidance and answering audience questions.

Canning food becomes easier when you can see how it’s done from the experts. Visual instruction and video-enabled storytelling is highly effective, and that applies to any industry.

View additional examples in our new Event Gallery.

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