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Brandlive Can Help You Stream to LinkedIn Live - Early

Earlier this year, LinkedIn tossed its hat into the social live video ring with the debut of LinkedIn Live. While a live video tool for LinkedIn has been a long time coming (it introduced video into its platform back in 2017), the professional networking site has opted for an invite-only rollout to select users, so not all individuals and organizations have access just yet.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for companies to tap into this relatively untouched medium. To promote usage during this first phase, LinkedIn has partnered with Brandlive and a handful of other third-party live video solutions to facilitate livestreams for interested parties.

So how does LinkedIn Live differ from other social sites’ adoption of live video, and why should LinkedIn users care?
  1. You can rely on a LinkedIn audience. At Brandlive, we’ve always encouraged the notion of owning your own audience outside of social - after all, you never know when a social site is going to come crashing down with the arrival of something bigger and better (RIP, Vine). But LinkedIn has been a stable force for a long time with no signs of slowing down. With Microsoft’s backing and 630 million+ members, it’s safe to say that targeting your LinkedIn audience with live video will pay off in the long run.
  2. LinkedIn feeds aren’t crowded with live video (yet). Since most LinkedIn users aren’t pushing out live content, we’re looking at a relatively unsaturated space. This is bound to change if it’s made more broadly available to the public, in which users will be forced to compete for viewers. There’s a strong argument to be made for getting in now and reaping the inevitable benefits of building a following ahead of your competitors.
  3. There are tons of LinkedIn-specific live video use cases worth taking advantage of. Live videos on Twitter and Facebook typically come in the form of rough user-generated videos made for personal viewing, but LinkedIn’s professional setting will make way for more business and industry-focused content, generating niche work communities. If you’re looking for ideas on how your company might use LinkedIn Live, here are just a few that are particularly interesting:
  • Trade shows and conferences. As an attendee, extend your trade show investment by broadcasting your experience to leads and prospects unable to attend. As an event host, promote your conference by sharing important keynotes and sessions with everyone in the industry.
  • Product releases and demonstrations. Improve ROI and brand awareness with expert-led product releases, updates, and demonstrations.
  • Company and industry updates. Share the news of executive hires, IPOs going public, statements around industry events, and much more with everyone in your field.
  • Daily and weekly shows. Conduct regular, live shows to deliver constantly-changing content, relevant updates, and/or product reviews with targeted audiences.
  • HR initiatives. Let the professional world know you’re hiring! Allow your job prospects to meet the team they’d sit on, learn about the role directly from the hiring manager, and get their questions answered in real-time.

How do I get started?

Click here to learn more about how Brandlive can get you set up on LinkedIn Live - today!
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