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When Everything That Could Go Wrong, Does Go Wrong - In Front of the Biggest Audience in the World

Adam is running late. The rest of the cast has to start without him, and when he runs onto the set in a panic, he’s nothing short of confused. It’s already the third quarter of the Super Bowl - when did that happen? Gunshots are fired, everyone pauses, and the other actors do a sloppy job of pretending to die since the timing is so off-kilter. Adam jumps back, knocks a pole over, watches in horror as the entire set falls to the ground around him.

And thus is the result of Snickers’ live commercial, featuring Adam Driver and just about everything that can go wrong during a live take.

Obviously, the commercial was a hoax, and a good one. Doing a live commercial during the Super Bowl is risky should it go wrong (think $5 million ad spots and one of the highest viewerships of the year), so what better way to make sure that nothing goes wrong than to force everything to go wrong?

Hoax or not, the Snickers ad is a good reminder to all of us that you should never go live unless:

- Your on-screen talent is ready to go (and well-fed)
- You’ve practiced a few times
- Your environment is all set and not going to fall apart once the camera’s rolling
- Everyone (both on-screen and off) knows where they need to be, and when 
- You have a backup plan (like Snickers’ apology offer, in which they’re giving out a buy one get one free offer of Snickers bars)

Snickers will tell you that you’re not you when you’re hungry. At Brandlive, we’re here to tell you that you’re not ready to go live until you’re prepared.

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