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Scaling Your Best Salesperson

Every store has a star salesperson walking the floor – someone who takes it to the next level and blows away record after sales record. Managers dream of being able to clone their top sales associates – wishing that every customer could interact with their star.
Both online and in-store, brands have the ability to control their messaging and make sure their product is being explained correctly by the right people. In a brick and mortar store, high conversion first and foremost comes from having a staff of expertly trained sales associates. With a brand’s e-commerce component, online shoppers should be able to access the same level of expertise from anywhere.
70% of the time a customer leaves a store without completing a purchase, it is due to bad customer service. Having stores with the ability to guide customers through their decision is the single most important factor in increasing conversion rates. Customers put their faith in trained retail salespeople as well. As we’ve cited before in our article on making better retail salespeople, 72% of shoppers buy the product an expert recommends.
Drive Positive Customer Experience.
A positive customer experience is the principle driver of loyalty – more so than price or value. Research by Forrester shows that customer experience accounts for 47% of brand loyalty. Additionally, a study by Retail Systems Research shows that half of all marketers surveyed make customer experience their top priority - and are using digital channels to drive this focus.
Creating a positive in-store shopping experience does more than increase conversion. Beyond the initial sale, a well-designed shopping experience helps build brand image and strengthens brand connections.
The purchase decision involves a series of touch points, and not necessarily all in the same place.

In an always connected world, a touch point could be a social media post here, an email newsletter there. The purchase decision a customer makes is the result of an accumulation of positive experiences from various channels. If brands and retailers are to be competitive, they must adopt an omni-channel strategy – one that envelops all possible touch points to consumers.
Take the best of the best and multiply it.
Imagine having your top salesperson being able to reach out to every customer simultaneously. The benefit of a one to many online platform is that it allows you to take your top expert and scale them to communicate with all of your customers around the world at the same time. By bringing out the best from your brand, you can maximize your conversion rate, enhance your brand image and produce high quality content that your customers can rely on.
Ensure consistent messaging.

Although cloning technology isn’t quite advanced enough to reproduce your star salesperson, you can do the next best thing today: use your expert to train other salespeople in your organization around the world. Broadcasting live training sessions to retail outlets ensures that the same knowledge and expertise your expert has can be communicated to others within your organization. Rather than play a game of telephone with inconsistent messaging at your retail outlets around the country, everyone can be provided with the same knowledge to promote consistent messaging, and live interaction ensures that trainees have full comprehension of the material being distributed.
In a brick and mortar store, your salesperson is the first point of contact for a curious shopper. The level of expertise that your salesperson can provide and their ability to guide the customer through the purchase process can make or break the consumer’s experience.

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