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Saga's Hungry for More

Being on the front line for Brandlive, I’ve began to notice a trend with the conversations I have. When it comes to new technology there are generally three types of conversations I have with people: Companies are either ready to try something new, want a better system for the same initiatives, or are ready to do something better at the next level. All of those are great motivators, but one company in particular I've recently worked with has been hitting the slopes hard and reaping the benefits of curating a strong social presence.

When I originally approached Jordan Harper, CMO of Saga Outerwear, about the idea of Brandlive, light bulbs began going off immediately. During our first meeting he began spit-balling idea after idea and saw the huge potential for engaging with their social media following. Saga is known for their social fans and creative posts across all social platforms. Brandlive presents an opportunity for Saga not only to reach out to followers and customers, but also to engage in real-time with them. We really are providing an ability to connect the dots of their social media strategy.

The nature of their customer base is a young and energetic snow sports community. The more frequent, more creative, and often times more bizarre they can behave online - the better. The benefit of having the ability for fans to interact with the brand and their sponsored athletes is so far beyond what just social media has been able to do for them. A direct line of communication with some of their personal heroes, an ability to have a question answered in real time by someone they have watched on film hundreds of times. That’s the power of engagement.

The engagement, the creativity, the access to athletes, and the lighthearted nature of their events are all great things. The one thing yet to be mentioned is what these events have yielded in terms of the bottom line, revenue. A direct spike in website traffic and revenue are attributed to each event, often times driving over 200 unique shoppers to their respective websites. When a fan or customer has direct access to information and the personalities behind a brand, they are more engaged and more likely to make a purchase, flat out.

Tim Durtschi on Saga Live

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