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How to Efficiently Train Your Retail Sales Associates in a Modern World

Ferris Bueller was right about one thing: Life moves pretty fast. This is especially true for sales teams.

Competition is fierce and buyers want everything now (or yesterday). Or worse case, they realize too late that they didn’t learn something they needed to know.

To meet the lightning fast demands of the Internet age, brands and retailers need to shorten go-to-market cycles and provide streamlined retail sales associate team training. This requires moving beyond face-to-face training to avoid being left behind.

In the amount of time it takes you to train your retail sales associates face-to-face, one of your competitors could have trained their entire national staff in dozens of new products using live streaming video.

Live streaming video is the modern way to train sales associates.

  1. Fast: Set up your event, email the private link to your team and go live within your browser. Boom. Just like that you’re communicating in real time, with a live video feed so your entire staff can see and interact with you from anywhere in the world.
  2. Affordable: With live video training, you can cut way back on your travel expenses. That means less money spent on sub-par hotels and long, cramped airplane rides (not to mention less time wasted in the security line at the airport).
  3. Efficient: Sales associates can view your live video training event and communicate with you in real-time, or watch the video after the event if they’re unavailable while you’re streaming. This takes the complicated matter of scheduling out of the equation.
  4. Organized: Each training event you do builds a resource library, organized how you need it—such as by topic, product line or for specific audiences—all available on demand, exactly when your sales associates need it.

Here’s what GoPro, Nest and SanMar have said about live video training...

Your sales teams need to know a lot of information in a hurry and stay on the sales floor as much as possible. And you need to reach sales teams statewide, nationwide or worldwide without having to fly store-to-store every time a product is released.

It's 2016. It's time for live streaming video.

Check out examples of how brands and retailers are using live streaming video to seamlessly bring new products to market >>

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