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How To Re-Engage Your Customers

The sale or ‘closed deal’ of a new customer is only part of the process in the bigger picture of your relationship with your client. It is important to re-engage the customers that you have, not only to provide them with continual support but to improve your company and/or brand by making the proper adjustments from customer feedback and securing their confidence about their investment.

Re-engagement should be a natural and organic process in a transparent and client driven company. Knowing how your customers feel about your product or service is essential in maintaining a sustainable brand. Engaging could be as simple as a check-in call to your customer, to see how they’re getting along with your product and if they have any questions. However, re-engagement should not be limited to a simple call and sometimes may require a more detailed approach. If you find one of your customers are not hitting as many marks with your product/service as they used to, or as well as other customer, then re-engage by offering more in-depth support.

Ask questions that delve into the root of your relationship - it may sound similar to the conversation you had when they were a prospect or new customer.

  • How many new contacts have you added to your Rolodex since starting our service?
  • Where did you get the new contacts and can you get more from that source?
  • Have you followed up with any of your audience members on what is working for them and what could be improved?
  • Let’s think of some ways to reach out to and engage in an untapped market.

Generating ideas and starting the communication is 80% of re-engaging; the purpose is to make sure you are providing the service AND support that your customer needs.

Regardless of the reasons your company may have to re-engage with customers, every company needs to. In recent years, real people have been replaced by automated messages and the task of finding a number to call (especially for internet platforms that are free to use) can be daunting. Be the first to reach out to your customers and stand out as a brand that continues to support customers after the deal is inked and the money collected. It's about providing the best - so your customer can make the best of your product.

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