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Reach Supermobile Customers and Employees with Live Video Streaming

Both the workplace and the marketplace are evolving as people are becoming supermobile in every aspect of their lives. Brands have the opportunity to take the lead with live video streaming to reach customers and collaborate with team members in this changing business environment.

Three developments are driving the demand for live video streaming.

1) Video has become an intuitive and easy-to-adopt tool that people are using at work and at home.

It is now easier than ever to communicate with video. Smartphones can quickly capture and upload videos. With a click, people can initiate a video chat using a mobile device. Brands and retailers are reaching out to customers using the enterprise-ready Brandlive live video streaming platform. With no downloads required, customers can interact with their favorite brands in real time while viewing live Brandlive videos.

Several years ago, live video streaming and other video interaction would have been difficult to accomplish. Now that video has become more intuitive and accessible, adoption levels will grow rapidly.

2) Supermobility is the standard as more people work and live on-the-go.

With the help of smartphones, tablets and laptops, people have become supermobile. Millions of people work from home. Many others work from the road or the sky. Offices are no longer bound within the same four walls. This is true for your employees, partners and customers.

Reaching people in 2015 requires new technologies like live video streaming. Customers and team members need to be able to connect with you through mobile devices in real time. When you need to train retail associates for a product launch, for example, live video is the most cost-effective and efficient way. Live video even manages to approximate the personal nature of face-to-face interaction, which no other technology can accomplish.

3) The trend of browser-based video is revolutionizing customer service.

As the adoption rate of video rises, the possibilities for customer service will also expand. Live video streaming makes the digital divide shrink. Your digital customers can access your product experts through browser-based live video as if you’re in the same room.

Many brands use Brandlive browser-based video to host their live streaming events. Steaming a video through a browser means that your customers only have to click a link to access your live video. The technology is simple, easy to adopt, and highly effective for connecting you with your customers, channel partners and supermobile employees.

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