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7 Reasons for Brands to Leverage the Power of Live Interactive Video

The benefits of pre-recorded digital video for marketing and eCommerce purposes are well known and documented. What is less known and understood is the additional power of LIVE INTERACTIVE video for brand marketing and product storytelling.

A new white paper from Brandlive builds the case for the use of live interactive video by brands and retailers for product training, marketing and eCommerce. The power of live is that it turns out to be more authentic and engaging than pre-recorded video (or any other digital communication channel).

Our expertise and opinion comes from real-world experience. Since launching Brandlive in 2013, our brand customers have produced over 2,800 events on our platform, generating over 99,000 audience comments and questions while showcasing over 2,000 different products.

The white paper includes use case examples from Adidas, GoPro, Pottery Barn, Rockwell Tools, Cake Boss and Crock-Pot.

Based on what I have seen, I think most brands and retailers should consider using live interactive video for various product knowledge transfer opportunities throughout the go-to-market process such as:

  • Prototype reviews
  • Training (for sales, customer service and retail associates)
  • Media/influencer briefings
  • Consumer marketing
  • eCommerce sales

Here are 7 reasons why brands should consider the power of live interactive video (the white paper expands on each of these):

1. Viewing Time - Pre-recorded video is established as being effective for brands and retailers, but average viewing time for live video exceeds that of pre-recorded video (~18 minutes vs. 2-3 minutes).

2. Authenticity - Live interactive video creates a more intimate, authentic, human connection between brands and consumers.

3. Storytelling - In today’s over-messaged environment, marketers must be good storytellers and live video is one of the best storytelling mediums.

4. Consumer Appetite - The demand for live digital video viewing has been established.

5. Viewer Satisfaction - In exit surveys by Brandlive, 89% of viewers attending a branded live interactive video event said they would recommend the experience to others.

6. Increased Engagement - Adding interactive components such as real-time chat, integrated social posts, product information/images and calls-to-action (such as "Buy Now" buttons) increases engagement.

7. In Good Company - Several top brands and retailers have already achieved success with live interactive video.

We believe that live interactive video is the next new tool in the digital communication toolbox. Every brand should consider adding live video because of the high level of authentic brand/product engagement it offers, helping to bridge the gap between physical products and digital audiences through storytelling.

Please post your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below after you have a chance to read the white paper.

Download “The Power of Live Interactive Video” white paper here >>>

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