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Goodbye, Short Videos! Mobile Consumers Want Something More

With the average human attention span now shorter than that of a goldfish, many marketers assume short videos are preferable to longer ones. They are missing a big opportunity.

New information shows that long videos are winning in our mobile world.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) just released a global study of consumers who watch videos on smartphones. Survey respondents from 24 countries gave us a fresh perspective on video marketing.

36% of respondents watch long-form videos on their phones at least once a day.

Short attention spans? The data would say otherwise.

A full third of mobile video viewers watch videos that are five minutes or longer on their phones every single day, and sometimes multiple times a day. People enjoy watching long videos, and they don’t let the small screen stop them.

The question is, how can brands reach these mobile viewers?

Social media is vital, with 42% of smartphone users finding video content through social.

If you create a marketing video but you don’t share it on social media, did the video really happen? Without the right promotion, your video is not likely to be discovered and shared.

Don’t miss opportunities to reach and expand your audience. IAB’s study shows that people are looking for video content.

Mobile video viewers are ready for longer videos.

Long-form videos are helping brands get noticed. Some brands are even making the move to live interactive streaming video, responding to customer comments and questions in real time while sharing valuable content.

GoPro is a great example. They combine live video, plus social media interactions through a branded hashtag, plus eCommerce through product descriptions and links — all on the Brandlive platform. Their interactive video events allow them to share their message and make genuine connections with fans and customers.

In our era of short attention spans and six-second videos, people want something more. Brands producing longer videos, especially those featuring real-time interaction, can rise above the noise.

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