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How to Make Your Employees Experts

In a recent article by Abigail Tracy of Inc. Magazine, she cites data gathered by the human resources company BambooHR from a survey conducted on the most important factors to new hires. As it turns out, free perks like snacks are relatively trivial to new employees – rather, on the job training and onboarding is what matters. 75% of respondents said that new-hire orientations is time well spent, and 76% say that on-the-job training is the most important thing a company can provide to new employees.

Key to Happiness

Training is critical to a successful business because it keeps everyone happy and performing at their best – employees know what they are doing correctly, and consequently are more satisfied with their job. Employers are happy because their company is outputting at top capacity. Customers, too, are happy, because they are able to work with and purchase from companies that have well-trained, helpful staff.

Cost Effective

Training is a cost-effective solution towards achieving top performance. It’s similar to practicing preventive medicine – which is more expensive, annual checkups, or an emergency trip to the hospital for urgent surgery? The amount invested into training your employees is rewarded exponentially, because well-trained employees will be more successful, lead to greater revenues, and work more efficiently. Conversely, neglecting this important aspect of your business can lead to resources spent correcting mistakes and dealing with unhappy customers.

Stay Up-To-Date

With endless information readily available to consumers through online research, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your salespeople have the most up-to-date information on your industry and product lines. It’s imperative that your company positions itself as an expert resource – someone that can be called upon for answers to detailed questions necessary to make a purchase decision.

This means not only instructing new hires on your products, but also offering regular intervals for updated information and comprehension checks. It’s important to ensure that everyone representing your brand has not only the most up-to-date information on not only your products, but also on the industry in general.

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