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Major Marketing Trends of 2016: Live Video for Brands

I enjoy this time of year because several digital marketing pundits and influencers post their predictions for the biggest trends for the coming year.

This year a recurring marketing trend for 2016 is the rise in the use of live streaming video by brands as part of their digital marketing strategy. I have included links to many articles below, along with live video-related snippets from each.

Of course this is great news for us at Brandlive since we started believing several years ago that this would happen and are the pioneers of live video marketing for brands (thus the name Brandlive!). As an enterprise platform solution for live interactive video, the main challenge that we have is that for now the pundits seem to equate live streaming video to live streaming video apps, but we know from experience that brands need something more: an enterprise-class platform.

Below are links to some of the articles we found that included mention of video and live streaming video as a key marketing trend for 2016. Use the comments section to let us know if you agree with the pundits:

Live video is one of the major marketing trends for 2016.[Econsultancy] Content marketing trends in 2016: curation, video & more:
"Video will see massive growth"

"Brands will create more videos, utilise live streaming apps, and really embrace interactive features within content."

[Practical Ecommerce] 5 Ecommerce Content Marketing Trends for 2016:
“Video is another trend that could see ecommerce retail marketers increasing their investment in content, as they purchase equipment or pay specialists.”

[Retail Customer Experience] Top 2016 marketing trends & why you need interactivity
“Millennials have proven they are inclined to boost their education via YouTube rather than with more conventional sources, making video a must-have for [the] retailer who wants to sell to the approximately 80 million millennials.”

[iMedia Connection] 6 ways video will connect consumers and brands in 2016:
“This means that 2016 will undoubtedly see a significant shift in the way video is delivered, what video looks like, and how advertisers will be able to use it like never before to initiate consumer engagement.”

“Even simple executions such as ‘Buy It Now’ buttons, product recommendations, or store locators can quickly transform a once-passive medium into an in-the-moment e-commerce experience.”

[iMedia Connection] 'Big in 2016' Social Media Predictions: Video Eats the World, Organic Social Death Knell:
“Brands are still figuring out the best means to integrate live streaming, and in 2016 we can expect scaling to be a challenge. However, there are key events next year such as the elections that could put live-streaming in the front seat.”

[Altimeter Group - Brian Solis] 26 Disruptive Tech Trends for the Rest of the Decade:
“Live streaming (video) continues to bring niche moments to life, interrupting streams everywhere, making conversations on demand a form of engagement and entertainment.”

[Forbes] Video Streaming -- It's Going To Be Big:
“My first day at CES, I was a guest on a panel titled: 'Social Streaming: The Video Phenomenon of Everything' as part of the Digital Hollywood track of content. 'If you haven’t noticed, every moment of every day is being captured on video and live streamed via social media,' explained the description of the panel.”

“One thing that was clear was the live streaming is going to be controlled by brands and be high-quality, or controlled by individuals and be about community, or maybe both.”

[Forbes] 5 Upcoming Technologies That Will Change The World Of Content Marketing:
“Streaming video has been a mainstay for certain events, such as sports games and political debates, but thanks to the sharp increase in popularity for live streaming apps like Meerkat, Twitch, and Periscope this past year, live streaming is about to become even more ubiquitous.”

“Mainstream social apps like Facebook are adopting their own live streaming features, and users are beginning to demand more live, 'in the moment' content. This puts a heavier burden on content marketers, demanding fewer pre-conceived, scheduled-in-advance pieces of content and more present-focused video streaming opportunities.”

[Adweek Social Times] What Will 2016 Hold for Social Marketers?:
“Brands, which now have new ways to create video content, are utilizing live streaming apps and embracing interactivity.”

[Marketing Dive] 10 digital marketing trends to watch in 2016 and beyond:
“'Until this point, we’ve seen video through a relatively one-dimensional lens – something that’s created, recorded, produced,' PM Digital CEO Chris Paradysz told Marketing Dive. In the next year, 'we will see the live video, or the streaming experience, become more powerful. People have a much greater desire for community, in the moment, shared experiences.'”

[The Gazette] Social Media: How to plan your marketing for 2016: 
“Streaming Social Video — This year saw the rise of streaming social video with Periscope and Meerkat allowing users to broadcast videos directly from their Twitter feeds. Midway through the year Facebook launched a limited version of this feature to select influencers.

"As 2015 comes to a close, Facebook has expanded access to all users. Look for more streaming video opportunities to crop up for both personal users and brands.

"Video is extremely relevant and engaging — key outcomes for brands and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. What real time stories can your brand share?”

[Social Media Today] Top 5 Video Marketing Trends For 2016:
This infographic offers up-to-date video marketing statistics, noting that "79% of websites use third party video hosting."

[Momentology] 2016 Video Marketing Trends: Insights & Predictions From 16 Experts:
“The answers may be surprising; there is a lot of conventional wisdom that small screens mean only short-form content. On YouTube, consumers choose to watch longer form content on their mobile devices and that long form content delivers stronger results for brands than super short content (see example here).

"I think it takes more than 3 seconds to build your brand, and consumers are willing to spend the time if your content is compelling, relevant, and valuable.”

[Inc42] Top 10 Online Video Trends To Watch For In 2016:
“Live Streaming Will Pick Up Steam...More and more celebrities and brands will start using live streaming video platforms like Meerkat and Periscope for a personalized customer experience. These Social Video apps will look to put the user right where an event is taking place.

"Live streaming is a powerful tool for broadcasters as well. Especially in the Sports vertical. You can expect more live events to be streamed online in 2016.”

[Ragan] 3 emerging social media content trends for 2016:
“Right here, right now, real-time video: ...People want to be involved, to create and to be a part of something interactive. That presents an opportunity for brands to originate and co-create video content with their communities.”

[] 2016 Predictions: 5 Online Video Marketing Trends to Watch:
“Live streaming exploded in 2015 thanks to platforms like Periscope and Meerkat.”

“Online video publishers should plan to incorporate live streaming into their marketing strategies in 2016.”

[Business 2 Community] 7 Marketing Trends We’re Excited For In 2016: 
“2015 saw the introduction of Meerkat, Periscope, and Blab, all quickly snapped up by marketers, personal branders, entrepreneurs, and community managers as a great way to facilitate relationships with audiences.

"While most professionals are still trying to figure out how these new apps, and video streaming in general, may fit into overall marketing strategies, we’re excited to see more brands and campaigns giving it a try.”

[Business 2 Community] Top Marketing Trends in 2016 and What They Mean for Your Small Business:
“A video shared on social networks or your website can allow viewers to actually see what your product looks like and how it performs. It can also foster interaction between your business and customers by allowing them to post questions and comments on your video.”

[Business 2 Community] Digital Marketing in 2016, Trends and Lessons from the Past:
“Creative content is not specific to either the B2C or B2B spaces. In 2016, content marketers need to test visual and video platforms, not to mention live streaming, as new means to offer content that is engaging and will entice users beyond the classic text-based blog.”

[Business 2 Community Podcast] Top 12 Social Media, Digital Marketing Predictions and Trends for 2016:
This is a podcast where one of the points is that “Video will be huge in 2016.”

Now that you read about this year's marketing trends, download our latest one pager around live video.

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