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Live Storytelling Around Strong Women

Our customers use live video and the Brandlive platform for a variety of use cases: retail training events, executive town halls, and customer-facing product launches are a few popular examples. But one major trend we’re continuing to witness is using live video for storytelling, as a way to build connections with a consumer audience.

We’ve long been encouragers of this movement. At Brandlive, we do something similar for our annual Alchemy Club events, in which we feature customers (like Hydro Flask and Pendleton Woolen Mills) and give them a platform to tell their stories. While we strongly believe that any use of live video is live storytelling - be it the backstory of a new product, a company message, etc. - deliberate storytelling can be especially powerful for viewers, and goes a long way in deepening relationships between brands and their followers.

Take, for instance. This coming Thursday, March 8th, the major outdoor retailer is premiering Moksha via Brandlive, a film about female Nepalese mountain bikers that was produced by active brand AndShesDopeToo. Taking place on International Women’s Day, this event is meant to be empowering for active and strong women, and will even feature a live discussion with the female creators of the fim. By hosting this interactive experience on its website, the major retailer is reminding consumers that is more than just their favorite place to buy outerwear; it is also a community leader, storyteller, and conversation starter.

Along a similar vein of female storytelling, Verizon Fios is hosting its first ever “Women Who Game” live panel tomorrow morning on March 7th. The massive telecommunications brand is using live video and Brandlive as a platform for top women in eSports to share their experiences within the industry, answer questions from fans in real-time, and discuss major shifts in the eSports universe. By shining a spotlight on these strong women / brand influencers and their stories in real time, Verizon is creating a space for its viewers to connect, which is what all brands should be driving toward.
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