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Live Events are King

Recently, Lucia Moses of AdWeek reported about a new study measuring the impact of 23 different types of brand experiences. These experiences range from viewing a TV commercial to exploring a brand’s social media page, and the results show a clear trend: live experiences have the strongest impact on consumers.

According to the study, which polled 6,500 in 9 global markets, 65% of those who attended a live branded experience recommended the brand and 59% buy it at retail afterwards.

One statistic to note is the powerful viral nature of live events – 93% of people who have attended a live brand experience talk about it with others. Clearly, it creates a lasting impression that other methods of communication can’t compete with.

Something to definitely note is that Lucia’s article calls “Live Events” in-person live events, such as concerts. But the reasoning behind the effectiveness applies across all live messaging platforms. The real point is that when someone interacts with a brand or product live, things happens. It can be a discovery of something new, confirmation of curiosity, or a change for a friend to say “Oh yeah! I’ve heard of/used/loved that.” Even more, the forum that people encounter your product is in an environment they already feel good about. “Call it “Approved by Association” if you will.

No matter how deeply you analyze the psychology, mediums, or platforms, what this study 100% confirms is that consumer-brand interactions are changing – and consumers are responding differently to brand messaging. As push messaging is phased out, real time interaction takes the stage.

Shout out to Alex Livingston (@a76x) for sharing this with us on Twitter @yourbrandlive!

From AdWeek:
(Illustration: Carlos Monteiro)

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