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How to Train the Modern Workforce

We hear it time and time again that training is a challenge for most companies. Getting the right information into the hands (and heads) of your staff, retailers and distributors is no easy feat, especially when communicating to multiple remote locations - and that doesn’t even factor in the heavy costs of sending your training reps to each remote office and retail site, hoping they’ll deliver messaging as product experts intended.

A surprising number of companies don’t train regularly, fail to deliver consistent messaging to all teams, and are left with associates who are unable to receive and maintain adequate product knowledge.

Brandlive is designed to fix these problems.

By switching to live video for their training needs, our customers:

• Scale their experts so that key messaging is clear and consistent
• See a clear improvement in learning outcomes Save time and money by streaming to multiple teams at once
• Engage in real-time interaction with viewers, adapting content to questions and feedback

On May 31st at 11am PDT, the Brandlive Marketing team will deliver our free, monthly webcast around - you guessed it - live video training!

Tune in to find out how we’re modernizing internal education for Fortune 500s, get a glimpse at our brand new Video Learning Management System, and perhaps pick up a few camping hacks from the marketing department.

Register here today!

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