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Gartner Recommends New Digital Opportunities for Retailers Focused on Consumer Interaction

Gartner’s white paper, Cool Vendors in Retail 2014, explores the need for new retail-related technologies to meet the changing desires of consumers.

According to Gartner, consumers are looking for commentary, images and ratings from their peers. People want personalization. They want transparency. And they want to know what other people think about your products.

This information led Gartner to make a bold statement: “Customer-created content is the key to sales growth.”

So how can retailers act differently to be competitive in a digital market and encourage their customers to generate content? Gartner has a couple recommendations that the Brandlive platform can help with.

“Evaluate the current rate of customer interaction and the collection methods across all customer touchpoints to identify areas that provide digital business opportunity.”

Are you looking for new ways to generate interaction and get your customers talking about you? Brandlive provides digital business opportunities by helping brands connect with their customers through live interactive video broadcasts, integrating customer comments and eCommerce. Your product experts can discuss your brand—live on camera—while your customers reach out to you with their questions and feedback. This creates positive brand-customer interaction that potential buyers want to see. In addition, all of the resulting content, including audience feedback, is archived for later viewing.

“Review your vendor ecosystem for new opportunities as some traditional vendors might not have the wherewithal to help you move quickly to capitalize on opportunities in digital retailing.”

Refreshing your marketing strategy with a new vendor can be a catalyst for growth in the digital age. At Brandlive we live and breathe digital engagement, with a successful track record of working with big brands. We evolve with the times, which recently included integrating Twitter listening into our live video + social + eCommerce platform.

GoPro’s Twitter party is a perfect example of this. Using the #GoProChat hashtag, viewers were able to ask questions and share stunning photos they caught with GoPro cameras. Their Tweets went out to all of their followers and showed up on GoPro’s Brandlive event page, which included live video of the party hosts (pro surfers). That customer-created content is invaluable. Personally, I may never surf, but the photos were beautiful enough to make me want something better than a smartphone camera.

See how other businesses are using Brandlive to boost customer interaction and eCommerce:

Download Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Retail 2014 to see all of their recommendations >>>

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