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Live Video is Fixing the Broken Retail Experience

The following article from Brandlive CEO Fritz Brumder was first published on LinkedIn.


It’s no secret that retail is struggling. Due to increased pressure from online players and high employee turnover, major retailers are having trouble getting effective product training and consistent messaging to all of their locations and store associates. In turn, this is leading to inconsistencies in how critical product information is communicated to the end consumer.

The challenges faced by retailers are numerous and varied. Store associates have ineffective methods of staying up to date on ever-evolving products, so they often lack the expert-level knowledge that consumers are seeking. Sending product experts to do on-site trainings is costly, and often ineffective what with products constantly coming on and off the shelf. Not to mention that trainings are infrequent, often conflict with store associates’ work schedules… the list goes on.

By playing a significant role in modernizing the retail communication and interaction demands in a cost-effective manner, live video is able to solve these issues.

Through switching to live video for their training needs, our customers:
  • Train high-turnover and seasonal employees quickly and accurately
  • Hold frequent trainings to stay on top of updated product selections
  • Scale their subject matter and product experts so that key messaging is clear and consistent across thousands of sales associates
  • Archive prior trainings into a Video Learning Management System for new hires and employees who missed previous trainings
Interested in learning more? Watch our webcast to see examples of top brands and retailers successfully using live video to deliver clear and timely messaging.
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