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Event Recap: What’s the Fix?

Our customers are constantly surprising us with their insightful and innovative uses of the Brandlive platform.

Back in June, HealthSparq - a healthcare solutions organization based in Portland, OR - proved to be no exception with its What’s the Fix? event, a community town hall based around stories of patient advocacy and a shared goal of fixing a broken healthcare system.

Thirteen people - parents, students, authors, educators, and more - took turns sharing personal and inspiring stories of overcoming healthcare challenges within their communities. By hosting a live town hall, the audience they built was extensive and engaged:

  • 650+ participants (both online and in person)
  • 5,700 tweets using the #WTFix hashtag, which reached over 10,000,000 Twitter users
  • 2,000+ comments and questions
HealthSparq helps companies select the best insurance policies for their employees. They believe that because healthcare is too expensive, companies large and small have difficulty taking care of their employees the way they’d like to, and draw upon the healthcare pains that they and their customers experience to make a difference.

“By using live video to showcase the pain that companies and patients experience from a broken system, HealthSparq was able to reach a vast, socially invested audience during its What’s the Fix? event,” says John Gendron, Director of Customer Success at Brandlive. “This is an organization that is passionate about making a positive impact on today’s healthcare issues, and understands how to have these important conversations by connecting with a broader community.”

To read HealthSparq’s recap of the event, click here.

To watch the What's the Fix? event on-demand, click here
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