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Entrepreneur Magazine Writes the Headline We Would Write

We loved this recent headline published in Entrepreneur magazine online: “Why Live-Streaming Video Should Be the Next Battlefront in Your Brand's Social-Media Strategy”.

Sounds a bit like the bold opening statement in our "Power of Live" White Paper published at the beginning of 2015: “Live Video is the Next Digital Marketing Opportunity”.

As Entrepreneur Staff Writer Geoff Weiss points out in the article for Entrepreneur, forward-thinking brands are embracing live streaming video. His reasoning for this emerging popularity can be summed up in this sentence from the article:

“And, as a living, breathing medium that pulses with unprecedented authenticity — that buzziest of buzzwords for marketers today — live-streaming is bound to become an indispensable component of brands’ social media programs over the course of the next year, leading executives and industry analysts say.”

Weiss focuses on consumer platforms such as Periscope and Meerkat in the article, but our experience tells us that top brands and retailers need a live interactive streaming platform with enterprise-level features such as advanced moderation and product merchandising.

Weiss mentions Netflix, GE, Wendy’s and Zillow as brands who have produced live streaming video events. If only he would’ve checked in with us, we could’ve given him many, many more!

Brandlive has been helping brands get started with live interactive streaming video for the past several years. The early adoption period is coming to a close, and we are engaging in conversations with more and more product brands and retailers interested in going live for a variety of Go-to-Market use cases.

In one recent example, The Home Depot partnered with Young House Love to broadcast a DIY tutorial to their customers via the Brandlive platform.

Wendy's, GE, Home Depot and other early adopters know that live videos enable customer interactions, boost conversion rates and get longer view times (infographic). Has your company tried live streaming video for training or marketing yet?

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