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Engagement Is the New Viral in Video Marketing

Most marketers would love to say they produced a viral video that captivated audiences and was a game changer for their brand. But is attempting to go viral really an advisable goal for retailers and other businesses?

You don’t have to go viral to get results from your video marketing. In fact, you can likely get a higher ROI with a live streaming video strategy that drives engagement on a consistent basis. This method has been proven effective for a variety of brands.

Consistent customer engagement with live interactive video could be the new viral—the ultimate goal for every marketer who wants to present an authentic representation of their brand. Except this time the goal is attainable. Here’s a comparison.

Viral Video Downside

  • Viral video is a long shot. You and I know this, and so does the C-suite at your company, making it very difficult for you to convince them to fund a campaign with the goal of going viral.
  • Viral video is overkill. Chances are, you don’t need one million random people to laugh at your video. It’s better to reach a targeted group of the right people who want to engage and make purchases.
  • Viral video attention is short-lived. The audience that spreads a viral video is the same one that moves on to the next shiny object in a few minutes.

Customer Engagement with
Live Interactive Video

  • Live video generates reproducible results. Developing a strategic live video marketing program is an attainable goal that drives results you can prove and reproduce, building a successful marketing machine.
  • Live video focuses on a targeted audience. You can reach people who actually may be interested in your products (and make it easy for them to purchase your products) using an enterprise-level platform to drive eCommerce sales.
  • Live video strengthens relationships with your true fans. By interacting with customers in real time, you can provide helpful information, learn from the feedback, and increase brand loyalty. That’s always a good investment.

Of course going viral would be nice. But for brands that want to build solid customer relationships and consistently drive conversions with instant eCommerce, live video is the way to go.

Check out our white paper to learn more about the power of live interactive video, and fill out this form if you’d like to schedule a free consultation.

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