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Brandlive's October Customer of the Month: Matt Callies, Loon Outdoors

We have selected Matt Callies, Director of Product Development at Loon Outdoors, as our Brandlive Customer of the Month for October. Loon Outdoors has been with Brandlive since late 2013, and they broadcast with us on a weekly basis. Loon Live is a recurring live broadcast that takes place every Thursday night. During each broadcast, Matt shares his expertise in fly fishing with the audience. He has consistently provided Loon followers with education about fly fishing during broadcasts such as Calibaetis Emerger & Nasty Intruder and Game Changer & Mercers Poxyback Golden Stone.

Though eCommerce is not the primary focus, Loon Outdoors uses the Brandlive product module to support their education and information-focused broadcasts with “Buy Now” functionality. Matt has gathered more than 2,230 registrations and averages 140 registrations per broadcast. Loon Outdoors has over 700 comments and discussions from their broadcasts.

Another great component of Loon Outdoors is how they utilize our basic Plug & Play studio package to create engaging Brandlive experiences. Matt provides a great example of the Plug & Play package’s ease of use. He simply plugs in the USB camera and microphone, clicks 'stream,' and is engaging with consumers, fans and prospects in minutes.

Given how frequently Loon Outdoors uses the platform for public events, they also provide an exemplary use of Brandlive’s library landing page, a feature offered to all Brandlive customers. Viewers are able to go to Loon’s library landing page to see all of the Loon Live archived broadcasts. Moreover, Loon Outdoors has customized their library page to look like an extension of their website.

In fact, Loon uses design to create a compelling Brandlive experience across the board. Their use of imagery, graphics and content creates a strong story for their brand, and Brandlive is one of the ways they continue to expand and tell that story. From library and broadcasting pages, to the way they use social media to promote the Loon Live events, Loon clearly understands how Brandlive can be customized to reflect an extension of the brand.

Loon Outdoors knows how to get the most out of the Brandlive platform, and they always deliver for their customers and prospects. For that, we thank Loon Outdoors and congratulate Matt as Brandlive Customer of the Month for October.

"While there are plenty of educational resources available for the Fly Fishing industry online, Brandlive has provided us with a platform to do what no one else had done before. Because of that originality, we're further establishing ourselves as a brand that is committed to innovation and connecting with our customers in new and relevant ways."

- Matt Callies, Director of Product Development, Loon Outdoors

Loon Outdoors is based in Ashland, Oregon.

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