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Brandlive’s November Customer of the Month: Lauren Sengele, Jarden Home Brands/Ball Canning

We’ve selected Lauren Sengele from Jarden Home Brands/Ball Canning as customer of the month for November. Jarden Home Brands has been with Brandlive since 2012 and continues to consistently use the platform for their B2C campaigns. They use Brandlive as a marketing engagement tool, while incorporating eCommerce.

Their latest batch of Brandlive events have been dedicated to canning and culinary topics, such as Pressure Canning Meat and Pickled Foods. Jarden Home Brands conducts these broadcasts from “The Fresh Preserving Kitchen.” Moreover, Jarden Home Brands cleverly used Brandlive to break down common barriers between brands and consumers; they’re more approachable, accessible and identifiable on a human level.

Lauren Sengele was tasked with managing Jarden Home Brands’ Brandlive execution and is responsible for the crafty maneuvering that’s allowed the brand to communicate with consumers in an ongoing conversation via their Brandlive broadcasts. In addition to her quick and attentive response time with emails, Lauren has been a pleasure to work with across the board.

“I never have to worry about Fresh Preserving broadcasts, Lauren has all the steps down from A to Z and executes their broadcasts wonderfully. If we are collaborating on a project, like International Can-It-Forward Day, I can be assured I’ll get any necessary assets or information from Lauren in a timely fashion,” says Ashley Rambo, Brandlive’s Customer Success Manager.

Lauren has also been a great consultant customer, as she participated in our 2014 Customer Summit in September and has contributed to the early development stages of Brandlive with feedback on usability and features.

Jarden Home Brands has made great use of the Brandlive platform in several ways, but they take the gold medal in consumer engagement. In fact, their Brandlive broadcasts have accumulated over 7,000 comments and 1.7 million Twitter reaches; an extended consumer conversation, indeed.

To date, Jarden Home Brands has over 13,000 post-event video views, 3,000 registrations (only 5 broadcasts had registration required) and 6,005 product clicks out of their 9,435 live participants, for a 64% click-through rate. As 2014 comes to an end, we look forward to seeing what Jarden Home Brands does in 2015.

Fresh Preserving is so much more than canning. It’s about tradition, family and the value of relationships. One thing’s for sure, with Lauren behind their 2015 Brandlive campaigns, they’ll continue to be shaped by the consumer—a direct result of engaging with their audience. If one of your goals is to foster relationships between your brand and consumers, Jarden Home Brands has a great formula.

“We began using Brandlive because we recognized the value of live interaction between the viewers and hosts. We often hear that canners learned their craft from their grandma or aunt, but what if this wasn’t a practice that was handed down? We’re using Brandlive to reach a lot of first generation canners along with the moms, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that have been canning for years. Showing step-by-step safe food preservation and answering questions as we go through the process has helped a lot of our community try something new. From making jam to canning raw chicken, we’ve shown it all. A lot of our topics are generated by our audience based on suggestions of what they would like to learn. We’re the leader in making canning jars and recipes, so adding a teaching feature like Brandlive made sense as part of our social content strategy.”

- Lauren Sengele, Associate Brand Manager, Fresh Preserving, Jarden Home Brands/Ball Canning

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