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Brands Building Permanent Live Streaming Studios

This was originally posted as an article on Brandlive CEO Fritz Brumder's LinkedIn page. Click here to view. 


Trending Now: Brands and Retailers Building Permanent Live Streaming Studios
by Fritz Brumder

Back when live video was considered the latest trend vs. a core business practice, brands and retailers were hesitant to invest in it. While I felt confident that live streaming would transition from fad to fixture, it made sense that companies were opting to use temporary studios, rather than dedicated permanent spaces, for their broadcasting needs. Live video for business was a relatively new medium, still on the cusp of proving its value to the broader market. 

It wasn’t until five years after Brandlive was founded that our customers started expressing interest in better spaces for conducting their live broadcasts. Particularly for those with a large volume of events, it was clear that turnkey spaces which mimic traditional TV studios would improve the effectiveness and agility of going live. 

The value for brands building permanent spaces is clear. They streamline the coordination and execution of live events significantly, since presenters and production staff always know where to go and what to expect when doing a live event. The production equipment can stay put without having to be set up and torn it down each time, which can increase a brand’s ability to go live more often. This is also beneficial in terms of increased consistency in light and sound for all of a brand’s events. And just as importantly, a permanent studio paves the way for a more customized, branded backdrop.
Recently, we partnered with a major household-name athletics company to build out dedicated live streaming studios on campus. This included working with them on their budget, design, and implementation. For brands that are going live often and are seeking a customized, consistent, and branded experience for their viewers, a lot can be gained from bringing in experts to help bring that vision to life.

And everyone is doing it differently. Mike Perkins, Sr. Manager of Global Learning Technology at Sherwin-Williams, started using Brandlive consistently after his old company, Valspar, was acquired by Sherwin-Williams.

After cross-training 600 field reps through 26 live training events, Mike realized the organization’s need for in-house production studios. His first year at Sherwin-Williams included converting old conference rooms into dedicated studios, complete with all necessary equipment, preview monitors and green screens. This flexibility has been especially useful for retailer trainings, since they can change the backdrop to fit the training.

Another Brandlive customer and major apparel brand has dedicated rooms on site that are “live video enabled.” This means the equipment needs to be moved for each event, but the lighting and microphones are already ready to go. Even small steps can enable brands to go live and reach distributed teams as often as they’d like.

Of course, brands don’t need a full production setup to successfully produce live events, which is why we created the Brandlive mobile app - we didn’t want anything to hold back companies from reaching their audiences. And for brands that are utilizing dedicated studios as well as the mobile app, they’re getting the best of both worlds: the ability to produce professional-level live events, plus the agility of reaching viewers anytime, anywhere.

If a company doesn’t need more than a mobile app to successfully engage with its targeted viewers, then it should utilize that option to the fullest. For brands that are scaling their training programs, increasing their event frequency, and experiencing the growing value of live video in their communication programs, it’s likely time to consider a more permanent solution.
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