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How Live Interactive Broadcasts Put the Three C's to Work for Big Brands

NOTE: A new white paper from Brandlive builds the case for combining Content, Conversation and Conversion in a single user experience that brands and retailers can leverage.  Here is a hint of the content found in the document:

We’ve all heard that the digital divide is shrinking. That’s great news for brands and retailers everywhere, right? Yes and no. On the one hand, your audience is wider than ever—a good thing. At the same time, your shoppers are more distracted than ever—bombarded by brands vying for their attention. How do you close the gap between your products and digital audiences? Live video is a great way.

Here’s why...

Content (live video)

People relate to other people, not necessarily to the products they make. Seth Godin says it best, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” Video gives you the power to tell your story. And when it’s live video for product launches or product training for example, people will connect on a deeper, more trusting level.  

Conversation (social interaction)

By combining streaming video with ways for people to engage through real-time social channels, consumers get an experience specific to them. It becomes a real feedback loop that opens the door to a true brand-to-customer conversation.

Conversion (e-commerce)

Conversion is a broad term. For some brands, it means closing a transaction. For others, it’s about training retail channel partners to champion your products.  Brandlive’s interactive broadcast platform has been shown to increase e-commerce conversion rates three-fold over standard product detail pages, improve in-store transaction rates and activate social media fans and followers.

Live, interactive video is giving brands like Adidas, Levi’s, Pottery Barn, Rockwell Tools and REI a powerful, new way to connect to and convert consumers to loyal customers. Learn more about its potential in our white paper. >>

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