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Brandlive Now Available in the Metric System

brandlive Metrics Dashboard73.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot. 

But not these ones. Brandlive is now 87.3% more metric-y. Now, after your event is concluded there will be information automatically generated that gives you insight into your reach, audience engagement, and overall effectiveness. Here's what you learn at a glance:

Registrations: Track how many people pre-registered for your event, and when.
Attention Span: The breakdown of how long people stayed for your event.
Participation Timeline: What times during the event people were most conversationally active. This helps you match up what you were doing at what time to get the most participation.
Biggest Fans: Know who was the most vocal.
Discussions: How many back-and-forth type discussions there were.
Total Visits: Total page visits. Often different that "Registrations", especially if you turn off registration just prior to live broadcast.
Twitter Effect: Measures how much amplifications gained by using the Twitter Plugin
$ Estimate: Track the dollar amount in clicks that your event generated. 

In addition to this addition, comments left on your event page after the live broadcast are now delivered in a daily digest to a designated account user. There is even the "What has happened since" section to show how much residual activity your event is generating.

Note: This feature is available for a limited time as a trial. After the trial has expired, it is available on Platinum and Enterprise accounts. If you are not sure of your account type or features, please contact your account manager or email

Something this Metric Dashboard may show you right now, and I mean as you read this, is that there are probably ways you can use brandlive more or better. To step up your brandlive game, send us an email at and we will help you identify ways to be even more awesome.

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