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Big Wins When You've Got the Right Tools

Sports, sales, and suitcases - what do they all have in common?

You’re going to have a hard time with all three if you can’t close.

In past articles we have talked about why video works and how to interact with audiences you draw. Thinking about these ideas in the big picture, it is all about storytelling as a conversation skill. When you successfully tell the story of a brand or product, you captivate people, taking them to a new level of connection with something inanimate. With video, you have taken them on a visual journey. With real instant interaction, you have brought them in closer to become part of your narrative.

Now that you have a real connection, what do you do to capitalize and convert?

You’ll hear a lot of people these days argue that there is no such thing as a true win-win scenario. What you can do is create value for everyone that leaves everyone with a good deal. With the right tools, here are big wins that you can see immediately, for both you and your shoppers.

Wins for Consumers

Special Information

Shoppers like to know they made the right decisions. When you provide them with the right information, they know they did exactly that. It’s hard to guess what everyone needs to know - product details and images only get you so far.

Live Demos

When you show “how” and not just telling “what”, shoppers get a better idea of everything they can do with your product. Not only do they have specific examples of things they can do, they know exactly how to do it. That means less time with Customer Support and fewer returns. (That’s a win for both of you).

Product Experts

Product experts can take the form of celebrities, product engineers, or even people that depend on it everyday. Providing access to these types of people create a trust for the consumer that they value above all other buying reasons.

Special Offers

Everyone likes a good deal. If you decide to sweeten the pot with a special offer, shoppers instantly feel the extra value, in addition to everything else mentioned above.

Wins for Business

Buy Now

Obviously, the most immediate win is the purchase. You did everything right and the purchase proves it.

Learn More

With the right tools, you can gather more information than you already had about your fans - names, locations, preferences, and many other things. These all help grow a relationship and create more value as time goes on.


Feedback and reviews are created with every comment and interaction you have with a shopper. Knowing what people think is definitely a big win.

Create Understanding

Sometimes when there are many parties involved in your sales channel, the core of your message can get lost in translation. When you have the right tools and techniques, you can create true understanding around your message and product.

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