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What Could Your Retailers Be Missing?

Trained Retail Expert

Creating a better product experience means delivering to your audience both online and in-store. While shopping online vs. in person both have their advantages and disadvantages, the bottom line is that your product experts should be able to provide answers to customer questions and create authenticity.

According to a study by Deloitte, 70% of the time a customer leaves a store, it is due to a bad customer service experience. Customer service is vital to conversion - so how can it be improved?

It starts with the team you have on the sales floor.

72%of shoppers buy the product an expert recommends.

In order to have an expert sales team, the team has to be prepared to answer in-depth product questions. With the proliferation of internet resources, customers do plenty of product research before they first enter the store - meaning the questions they do have in person are going to be top level. More than asking simple product detail questions, customers expect the sales associate to have personal experience with the product, and recommendations that are personalized to the customer - much like recommendations they would receive from their family and friends. The efficacy of the sales associate’s pitch is dependant on their ability to craft a narrative around the product - connecting to the customer on a human and personal level.

50%Shoppers spend 50% more after talking to an expert.

These are the conversations that shape the impression of your brand. It’s not just showing what a product is - it’s demonstrating how to use it and incorporate it into your life. A shopper can read the packing or online reviews to learn features and tech specs. But a good salesperson goes beyond that and explains why those matter. When a salesperson is trained on your product specifically, they turn it from just a product to a true lifestyle addition.

So what are you selling? Just a product, or a solution?

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