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IDC Retail Insights on the Benefits of Combining Live Video, Social Interaction and Instant Commerce

The gap between physical products and digital audiences is shrinking for brands and retailers. That’s thanks to an innovative mashup of online media now available to them, offering more effective inroads to customer engagement, conversion and loyalty.

In a recent Analyst Connection document from IDC Retail Insights, Leslie Hand, program vice president, shared her wisdom about how the combination of Web-based live video, social interaction and instant commerce are changing the landscape for brands and retailers of all sizes. According to Hand, the new mix yields several benefits across various product go-to-market lifecycle stages, including:

  • Bridging the gap between physical products and digital audiences with opportunities to tell clear, consistent brand and product stories that transcend people, process and technology boundaries.
  • Making sales team training more effective by bringing communication to life, lowering costs and speeding time to market.
  • Transforming retail store associates into brand/product evangelists, ultimately improving conversion rates and sales profitability.
  • Enhancing product launch experiences with live, virtual events, co-hosted by brands and retailers, that leverage social networks and propagate product stories.
  • Creating a consistent brand experience between a physical retail store and an online store by allowing the store’s product experts to engage consumers in their homes/workplaces.

NOTE: Brandlive's license to distribute this IDC paper expired in September 2015.

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