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​A Lesson in Brand Authenticity: Get Real With Live Video Streaming

You may have heard about the recent debate that went viral over a marketing video for a Portland apartment building. The Burnside 26 apartments wanted to advertise their modern studios and lofts, and they got a big surprise when they ventured into pre-recorded video marketing.

Their video features a twenty-something couple doing all the stereotypical Portland hipster activities: rocking a side beanie, performing karaoke and enjoying a meticulously decorated macchiato. At one point the couple even has a pillow fight.

Locals decried the inauthentic cheesiness, the perpetuation of Portland stereotypes and the fact that the average young couple probably cannot afford to live in this upscale apartment. Following the outcry, the video was taken down, but the effects remain.

Here’s a sample of comments from a Reddit thread:

  • “I wasn't expecting much from a condo commercial, but yeah, that was bad.”
  • “This made me laugh, and vomit a little too.”
  • “You had me at ‘internet kiosk in the lobby by the elevators’. I love to do my computing in public. Where do I sign?”
  • “Did anyone make it through the whole thing? If so I salute you. I'm not strong enough.”

They say all press is good press, but I’m guessing this isn’t the response Burnside 26 was hoping for when they put time and money into their video. 

Authenticity in Video Marketing

Millennials are known as a generation that craves authenticity. The days of cheesy, pushy sales commercials are behind us.

Brands can spend countless hours and dollars on pre-packaged marketing videos that display the one-dimensional idea of who they think their target market is. Or they can get real with live video.

Live video is an emerging marketing channel for a reason: the authenticity is built right in.

When going live, brands can’t hide behind the polished image of a contrived, premade video. Going live means being available in real time to have genuine interactions with customers and fans. That may seem scary at first, but companies taking this plunge are reaping the rewards.

Sierra Designs is one of several brands benefiting from live video. They answer questions and provide in-depth product demonstrations live on camera, showing the real, authentic people behind their brand. These interactive video events allow them to connect with their global audience and help their customers make educated purchases.

Premade videos sometimes have their purpose, but nothing beats the power of live. Your customers are craving real people, passion and authenticity. Live video delivers.

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