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5 Ways to Create a Memorable Customer Experience

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Not all shopping experiences create a lasting memory. Do you remember the last time you ran out on a Sunday morning, half groggy and in your pajamas, to get milk for cereal? Or was it champagne and orange juice? Exactly - you can't remember.

But there are those special times that a shopping experience creates a lasting impression for a customer. Typically, these are for higher value transactions.  Some are good; some are bad. Here's how to create more good memorable customer experiences.

1. Give your customers a place to talk.

The first step to engaging your customers is by providing a platform to interact on. With an interactive tool, you can foster discussion surrounding your products, and jump in to shape the conversation as well. Bringing together customers who have had experiences with the same product develops a sense of community and unifies them with a commonality - your brand.

2. Rally your existing customer base.

Instead of trying to solely go after new leads, try winning over people you’ve already convinced - your past and existing customers! If you are launching an exciting new product, telling your past customers about new developments in your brand is a perfect way to get repeat customers as well as to refresh your name in their minds. Offering an enticing avenue to learn about things they have already purchased - new uses, etc - often turns into upgrades and add-on purchases.

3. Offer value without expectations.

Sometimes, the best sales pitch is no pitch at all. Consumers have become savvy to ignoring direct sales tactics or sleazy methods. If you offer information relating to your products with honesty and transparency, your customers will notice. When it is so easy to tune out disruptions, it is far more effective to provide something that customers actually want or need. That leads me to the fourth point, which is:

4. Educate.

Oftentimes, the single most factor in a potential customer not purchasing an item is if they don’t have sufficient product information to make a decision. If their questions go unanswered, they will do their own online research, go to a different store, and may not be seen again. Cut out the extraneous research and give customers the information they’re seeking.

Even, if they already have made a purchase, help them really understand it’s full potential, instead of experience buyer’s remorse and becoming a vocal champion against your brand.

5. Personalization.

Creating a personal connection with someone is a sure way to create a brand advocate and repeat customer. Don’t let your company appear to be faceless - a human connection strengthens the bond between a sales team and the consumer. Even if you are speaking to a large audience, addressing people specifically makes the conversation feel one on one. By doing that, you are helping people connect with each other in a crowd, and bonding - even temporarily - over an experience created and associated with your brand.

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