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4 Ways to Increase Shopping Cart Completion

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most pressing issues for e-commerce websites: 88% of consumers have abandoned an online shopping cart without completing a transaction. Obviously, there is a massive opportunity to increase conversion by addressing the main reasons for abandonment. Here’s how you can close the gap on checkout:

•    Avoid unexpected costs.

The top reason for abandonment is because shipping costs are too high, or the pricing model is unclear. Make the checkout experience seamless by offering free shipping or promotional incentives.

•    Provide resources and answer questions.

41% of abandoners didn’t complete their purchase becomes they weren’t ready – they still had unanswered questions before checking out. E-commerce enables to consumers to “window shop” by easily comparing research from different websites. Provide as much detailed information as possible and make it easy for customers to communicate with your sales experts to ensure an informative shopping experience.

•    Send auto responders to those who have an uncompleted cart.

Sending an automated email to those who are still unsure is a great way to reach out and increase conversion. By far, email is the most effective method to conversion for e-commerce. 58.8% of traffic in shopping carts comes from email, and 67.7% of conversions is a direct result from email.  

•    Emphasize customer support and outreach.

Customers want peace of mind knowing they can speak with the company about any issues and are dealing with an honest, transparent organization. Offering a simple and timely method to get in touch goes a long way in assuring the customer.

Sources: Forrester Research, SeeWhy.

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