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2018 Live Video Report

In 2016 we released our first Live Video Industry Benchmark Report, revealing that many consumer product brands were beginning to explore live video as a new form of communication. This survey revealed that 44% of participants had already held live video events, 20% had plans to do so within a year, and 35% had no plans to incorporate live video into their sales, training or marketing programs.

Fast forward to the fall of 2017, when we partnered with IBM to compile the 2018 Live Video Streaming Benchmark Report. We surveyed over 200 brand and retail professionals (many of whom work for retail companies and brands that sell physical products) to collect data around the current state of live video usage amongst companies, as well as projections for the future. In a stark contrast to the 2016 report, 94.8% of participants of the 2018 report shared that live video will be an important part of their marketing plans.

We conducted these surveys to shed a light on a number of things: for instance, are companies budgeting more or less for their live video programs? What were the most common use cases in 2017, and how will those change in 2018? How important will live video be for companies’ marketing initiatives in 2018?

We learned a great deal from this year’s live video report, the key findings of which are as follows:
  • Live video is continuing to play a key role in both employee and customer engagement
  • Training retail associates and sales teams make up the top use cases for live video ROI
  • More companies are planning to use live video for commerce purposes in 2018
  • Executives are finding increased success in connecting with their large and/or dispersed teams via live video
  • Planning ahead for live video budgets and resources is critical for companies wanting to successfully incorporate live video into their digital marketing efforts

The entire 2018 Live Video Streaming Benchmark Report is now available to view - download it here today!

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